Welcome to Paul Melton's Wales Falconry Website

This website is an archived history of how I, Paul Melton, first started out to become a falconer, and how I have progressed throughout the years. The site contains advise on how to start out in falconry, including my own top six tips when considering falconry as a hobby or even as a career. The site also covers images of all of the birds that I own or have owned in the past, and how each of these birds have been worked whether it be for my own pleasure or for professional purposes. My site also contains various articles that have been written over a number of years from personal experiences, and it is from these articles that I hope to encourage falconers of the future just how noble and exciting our beloved sport can be. Paul Melton, Falconer, Wales Falconry

Testimonials on Paul Melton's Wales Falconry Courses

I first had the privilege of meeting Paul Melton some three years ago, when he was introduced as the Falconry Instructor for a weekend event organised through SPICE. It proved immensely enjoyable and highly informative Gemma Hatchcroft BSc (Hons) MSB. More

I have worked alongside Paul for roughly 18 months, originally it was voluntary work. During that time I could see that no challenge was too big for him. Luke Mammatt. More

I first met Paul Melton about 7 years ago when I joined the British Falconer’s Club as a total novice. Barbara Royle. More