Wales Falconry Courses

Apprenticeship Scheme

This is a new scheme we have introduced for beginners to take their interest to another level. It is £75 per day with a total of 5 days for beginners to complete the scheme. We run the scheme at the intermediate level for the same price of (Contact Us) however it will run for 10 days.

The Wales Falconry Beginner’s Course

This Wales Falconry Beginner Course would run for 10 days, at the candidates own choosing, and incorporate the basic Raptor Award Assessment. These days would, as all my course’s, be held on a one to one basis, and would cover all handling, weight management, and all aspects of husbandry that you would require to becoming a falconer.

This Wales course would cover all the paperwork necessary in passing the Basic Raptor Award, and an automatic entry, free of charge, to the award itself. All certification concerning the award will be extra, and this would be approximately (Contact Us).

The Wales Falconry Intermediate Course

This Wales Falconry Intermediate Course course continues you on from the Beginner’s Course and would run for 5 days. You would be expected to manage your own hawk, learn how to swing a lure for a falcon, and man manage the more delicate hawks and falcons.

The Wales Falconry Advanced Course

The Wales Falconry Advanced Course speaks for itself really. Here you would be expected to understand all aspects of falconry and practice these to an extremely high level of discipline. You would learn how to enter your hawk, and demonstrate accurate weight control in order for your bird to hunt for itself. We would also concentrate on the fitness and proper conditioning of the hawk, as well as introduce various working dog’s and ferrets. To inquire about the length of the course please contact us/

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The Wales Advanced Course